J and M Furniture | Quality Sofa Brands

J and M Furniture | Quality Sofa Brands

best sofa brands J & M

It’s probably quite easy to see that you will have to be prepared to hand over a bit more money to get your hands on what j & m furniture has to offer. They are one of our high quality leather sofa brands, firmly up there with the best of them. They offer a range of stylish, high quality contemporary sofas and modern futuristic furniture that offers tremendous value for your home, for the cost.

Their lineup heavily features Premium leather and Italian leather sectional sofas with contemporary designs, all crafted with high quality materials and construction. If you are particularly interested in an Italian leather sectional sofa, their range of these quality modern sofas is second to none.

Quite a few of their offerings include top quality sectional sofas that are very large and spacious. Those who are looking to fill a larger space in their homes or simply want ample seating for entertaining guests will find many great choices from j&m furniture to accomodate them.

Equally, they also have smaller more compact sectionals, featuring a wide range of stylish colours and designs to blend in and add to your modern interior perfectly.

You are also guaranteed to be getting the best possible craftsmanship in the finishing of their modern sofas. You can clearly see a lot of work has gone into ensuring that they offer high quality furniture with the best possible finish. You do pay more for their pieces, sure. However, it doesn’t take long to see that the value in what you get with their furniture is worth it. If you are looking to find the best sectional sofa for your modern home decor, especially if you prefer the quality and durability of leather, you really should give J and M furniture a close look.

A990 Italian Leather Right Hand Facing Chaise Sectional

Italian leather sectional sofa - J and M

The A990 from j & m furniture is the perfect combination of comfort & aesthetics. It brings a comfortable, durable design that would be a lovely addition in any room. This range of beautiful contemporary Italian leather sectional sofas are all crafted from thick premium leather, this one in a light grey color. They feature five individual ratchet systems to adjust different positions and maximise comfort. The seating and lower back cushions offer good support for longer periods of sitting. Both left hand facing, and right hand facing chaise are available. This sectional is the stylish Light Grey version, but you can special order in different colors if you like.


Sparta Mini With Left Hand Facing Chaise

best quality sectional sofa sparta mini

J and M’s best selling Sparta Italian Leather sectional sofa now is available with a new smaller design! The sparta mini is fashionable, has spacious, comfortable seating and would be the best sectional sofa in a corner area or the side of the room in smaller surroundings. It is available in a dark gray color. All seats and backs are made with a high density foam to give extra comfort and support longterm. This comfortable couch features genuine top grain Italian leather all around. Other feature that add style to its’ modern look and feel are the stainless steel legs and the adjustable head rests with ratchet mechanisms.

J&M Furniture 625 Pumpkin Colored Italian Leather Sectional Sofa With Tufted Design

Italian leather sectionals

The pumpkin orange colored Italian Leather is what captures your attention with the new 625 sofa from J and M Furnture. The stylishly tufted design of the seating cushions is a feature that really stands out. It adds immensely to the overall classy look of this set. High quality foam has been used throughout the sectional cushions which makes this one of the more comfy couches available in the leather variety. Sometimes new leather couches can feel a little firm until after initial use for a few weeks, not so here. This sectional has a simple and clean, modern design that will blend well in many surroundings.


J&M Furniture Oregon 2 – Top Grain Italian Leather Sectional Sofa With Adjustable Headrests

Italian leather sectional sofa Oregon 2

The Oregon 2 modern italian Leather sectional set is extremly fashionable and stylish in black & mouton top grain leather. Both the fixed seats and lumbar support cushions backs have high density foam to give you extra support as well as comfort. Stainless steel legs run along the sides and add contrast to the look of this classic sofa design. One seat features an adjustable depth setting as can be seen above. Adjustable head rests are set for your desired position by an easy to use ratchet mechanism. This modern comfortable couch would be a match in any environment and is available in Right or Left Hand Facing Chaise.

Soho White Italian Leather Sectional Sofa & Loveseat Sofa Set With Adjustable Headrests

italian leather sectional - Soho

The designs of these futuristic couches from J&M are instantly eye catching and appealing. The Soho set has been upholstered in a beautiful white high quality Italian Leather. The inner frames of these pieces have been made from solid oak wood for strength and durability. One of the stand out features are the adjustable headrests for additional seating comfort. High quality foam is used extensively throughout the set to allow for maximum relaxation. The Soho contemporary Italian leather sectional sofa sets include both the sofa and loveseat as shown above. The smart lines in the design of these futuristic couches ensures they will go a long way in transforming the look of your living room.

J & M Gary Grey Italian Leather Sectional

Italian sectional sofa

The Gary from J & M is a wonderful example of an Italian Leather sectional that exudes classand elegance. This eye catcher is available in an ash gray top grain, thick italian leather. It is both fashionable & functional, with its adjustable headrests. This sectional also features high density cushions to provide lumbar support as well as comfort and relaxation. The lie flat armrestss, the boxed in ends and stainless steel feet add greatly to the beauty of this modern sofa design.

Big on style, design and comfort, thats j & m furniture. There is certainly plenty to find that is appealing in their lineup.

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