How to choose the best sleeper sofa for your home

The best sleeper sofa for your living room

how to choose the best sleeper sofa for your home

If you are searching for the best sleeper sofa for your living room, you will find many tips and relevant points to help you find exactly what you are looking for. You have come to a good starting point for help in choosing and buying a sofa.

In today’s modern lifestyle, you simply can’t underestimate how important having a contemporary sleeper sofa at home can be. It is arguably one of the most versatile pieces of household furniture we could own. The value of a modern sofa bed can be seen in the convenience it brings in catering for overnight guests and in its versatility, where it can be packed up and requires little space when not needed as a bed. Many of the best sleeper sofas tend to be of fairly light construction and often don’t take up as much space as their more traditional counterparts.

Living in a relatively small home, I value my convertible sofa bed greatly. I don’t have a separate guest room which is probably common for many people. So it allows me to quickly pull it out to accommodate any guests who wish to stay overnight, with it all being set up, ready to go within five minutes.


A good example of a pullout style sleeper sofa is the popular Coaster Home Furnishings Sleeper. Ready for a comfortable sleep in only a matter of minutes.

How to choose the best sleeper sofa for your home

Coaster best sleeper sofa for your living room


It doesn’t matter whether or not you want to conserve space within a room, or you wish to cater for house guests, a convertible sofa bed provides you with a place to sit during the day and a place to sleep at night, all with the convenience of being able to change roles quickly and seamlessly.

When you’re shopping to buy a sofa for your living room, specifically a contemporary sleeper sofa, there are a few important factors you will want to take into consideration. The following pointers can help you with how to choose the best sleeper sofa for your home to fit your needs and requirements.

I’m sure that at one stage or another, many of us may have experienced getting up with a sore or stiff back from sleeping on an uncomfortable couch sleeper. The good news is that these days It shouldn’t be like that.

Modern sleeper sofa beds have evolved greatly from what they once were, even as little as ten years ago. Advances in the design, the methods of construction and the materials used greatly benefit the finished product. The days of the dreaded lumpy, poor quality, cheap sleeper sofas are over. Or at least they should be as many more manufactures are producing good quality sofa beds compared to the past. The furniture industry, as a whole, has taken great strides towards addressing consumers basic concerns and problems from the past. There is a new desire for multi-functional, comfortable, quality home furniture and pieces that squeeze into smaller spaces, such as modern sleeper sofas mattresses.

Todays sofas come in many different sizes. When buying a sofa, you can choose from a twin through to a queen suitable for a visitor or guest room. They are also come available in a wide variation of fabrics, patterns, colours and shapes, for example sectional sofas. Choosing one of the most comfortable sleeper sofas for your living room will be dependant on a number of factors.


The best selling DHP Emily Convertible Futon is a very stylish and modern looking example of a fold down type of convertible sofa sleeper.

convertible sofa bed

convertible sofa sleeper


At this stage when you’re looking for a couch bed, you’ll want to consider what the main use of it will be. Is the couch going to be used primarily for sleeping or sitting on?

If the couch is being used a lot primarily as a bed or even if you have frequent house guests, you’ll want to look for a piece with a very comfortable sleeper sofa mattress to get the maximum rest from. Look for a couch that has an inner sprung mattress to ensure an appropriate night’s sleep.

To take that a step further, apartment dwellers or even anyone planning to use their couch bed each night might may wish to invest in a memory foam topped sleeper sofa mattress for the best long term comfort. Memory foam beds can also be a suitable choice for some, because of the fact that they minimize motion movement. If your partner turns or gets up, your own sleep shouldn’t be disturbed.


An Informational video from DHP on the Emily splitback convertible futon sofa bed showing its versatility.

Remember that a good nights’ sleep is often one of the most overlooked aspects for our general health and well being. Many of the best sofa beds on the market feature memory foam now because of the excellent benefits it offers, but of course it can add to the price you pay. Choose wisely in this regard.

On the other hand, if you plan on your couch only being the occasional convertible sofa bed, you’ll want to focus on the comfort and support it offers while sitting on it. How long are the periods of time you plan to spend on it? Will you sit a long while, watching a marathon TV series in one go? Will you just sit for a short while, hosting your guests when they pop in? This may help you determine how firm it needs to be, how much back support it has and perhaps the overall design in relation to the required comfort.

Maybe you can check if there are good quality sofa beds that are recommended by Chiropractors for their superior ability in getting rid of pressure points and providing necessary support. Buying a sofa can require a little more time and thought if you are in the position of having to take care of a niggly back, but of course will pay off in the long run. Many more contemporary sofa beds are being made these days with a bigger emphasis on comfort and support tahn in the past. As such, you should bear in mind with the many choices available today for consumers, you shouldn’t have to compromise on those two important factors, especially when it comes to taking care of your or someone elses health and well being. You may have to spend a little more time looking, but you should definitely be able to find something that is most suitable for your needs.


Alenya Vintage Casual Tan Fabric, Queen size contemporary sofa beds

The “Alenya-Quartz” upholstery collection is the perfect addition to boost the relaxing decor of any living area.The sleek style of the track arms along with the boxed seat and back cushions, all supported by dark finish legs makes the warm inviting Vintage Casual design so appealing.The Cushion cores of this modern sofa are all constructed of low melt fiber wrapped over a high quality foam core. The Sleeper features an easy to lift mechanism and thick innersprung mattress for a restfull nights sleep. Seating and back spring rails are all constructed from 7/8″ hardwood for strength and durability.

most comfortable sleeper sofas


Different convertible sofa sleeper styles

When you have a look around, you’ll see varied convertible sofa sleeper styles available. Traditional sleeper couches mostly are of a pull-out or fold down kind of design and there are some newer styles popping up too.

The pull-out design features the bed and mattress folding up inside the sofa, under the couch cushions. This type of convertible sofa sleeper can often be the most comfortable, but additionally the most difficult to convert from sofa to bed. The other fold-down sleeping sofa beds have an adjustable back of the couch that can lie flat  with the seat of the couch, to create a flat surface. This convertible sofa sleeper style of bed is very simple to use and convenient. It is however, typically smaller and less comfortable than a pull-out style sleeper sofa mattress.

Depending on budget and comfort requirements, there are even options of pairing the above styles with an inflatable mattress or even a foam or alternate filling material mattress topper which can be placed on top of them. These can be easy to set up for extra comfort and convenience and often can be found reasonably priced. I have used a 2 inch foam mattress topper on an old worn out pullout sleeper before and was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was.


Emelen Contemporary sofa sleeper, Brown chenille fabric upholstery

With a plush gray chenille upholstery fabric covering the stylishly rolled arms and comfortable back and plump seating cushions, the “Emelen-Alloy” upholstery collection is one of the most comfy couches to do double duty as a modern sleeper sofa. It features a beautifully crafted, black nickel nail head finish to accent and enhance the rich contemporary style of this modern sleeper sofa. This modern sofa bed features an easy to lift mechanism, a high quality memory foam mattress and reversible coil cushions. A neutral tone, perfect to match in many environments.

modern comfy couches

Location and space

Location: Before buying a sofa bed, considering the space where you want to put it becomes important. For a spare room, any family room or a den, a fairly basic microfiber sleeper couch might be all you need for the job.

If you are looking for a convertible sofa bed for your living room though, as opposed to a spare bedroom, you may want to opt for something that’s more stylish. Now days, we are spoilt for choice with many leather sleeper sofas and designer sofa beds that exude charm and elegance and can really set a beautiful tone to your room. You may pay a little more for them, but for example, if you selected one of those leather sleeper sofas to match your décor, it can transform your room into something special. A sofa can really be a focal point where we choose to relax and spend quality time with those who we are closest to. Making it a place that’s as beautiful as possible certainly adds to that experience.

Space: Keep in mind how much space you have available in your home when you begin your search. If you don’t have a lot of space, you have a few options. Perhaps consider a loveseat sleeper sofa or futon couch bed as usually they don’t take up a lot of room.

If space isn’t a concern for you, a larger sofa will certainly have a lot more to offer. It can provide a much more comfortable mattress and more than enough room for a couple to sleep without feeling cramped or being disturbed mid sleep. Contemporary sofa beds with a pull-out sleeper sofa design typically take up more room than a fold down style one, but it is one of the more comfortable types of new sofa bed.

Ashley Lottie Durablend Chocolate Queen Sofa

Streamlined comfort and a coolly concealed memory foam mattress offer the best of both worlds with this beautiful offering from Ashley. The Lottie contemporary sofa beds have the classic lines and curves you will love, covered in high-performing DuraBlend, giving the look and feel of leather without the maintenance or high cost.

most comfortable sleeper sofas Ashley


So, hopefully these tips on how to choose the best, high quality contemporary sofa beds for your home are helpful for you. Hopefully they will save you some time and maybe make the whole selection process go a little smoother. Modern sofas are continuing to evolve rapidly, as the sofa makers and sofa shops are well aware of how competitive the market has become. It seems like now we are seeing new innovations in sofa designs and functionalities nearly every week. Sofa makers are driving the market with their creativity and their desire to be noticed more than their competion. They have to or they could quickly become obsolete. Whether you are looking for a new sleeper sofa or the most comfy couches, it really is a great time for consumers to be buying a sofa online. The choices that are available and what you can get for your money has never been better, so good luck with your search for the best sleeper sofa for your home.

If you found this post helpful, please be sure to take a look at Best sleeper sofas out there for more info on some best rated sleeper sofas.


Furniture of America Knowles Corner Sofa

The Knowles by Furniture of America combines a sleek look and great features, sure to find a place in any modern home. This contemporary sleeper sofa showcases a space-saving corner design, and extra padded seats and back cushions for the utmost in comfort. The chaise seat lifts up to reveal a more than ample storage space, and stored underneath the sofa seat is a convenient, easy to pull-out sleeper which offers extra bedding space when needed.

contemporary sleeper sofa



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