Good quality leather reclining sofas

How to find good quality leather reclining sofas

If there is one word that impresses a feeling of comfort on people, it would have to be “recliner”. The thought of being able to take a load off after a busy day and sink back into one of these to relax just sounds so appealing. Doing a quick search for recliner sofa online will show you many new designs, featuring many new innovations and many types of build materials used. The newer features that are cropping up are truly amazing and sure to bring out the iner lounge lizard in all of us. So what are we looking for when searching for good quality leather reclining sofas so as to be sure of getting a good one?

The following tips and information have been put together to help you answer how to find good quality leather reclining sofas. From this, you can decide what’s most important to you and what you should buy for your home. There are quite a few things to consider early on, so as not to discover that you have bought something that presents you with one or two problems later. So spend a little time on these points now and avoid a few common problems that unfortunately many people make looking for reclining sectionals or sofas. Read on.

Furniture of America Middleton Sectional 2-Recliner Sofa

Fire up your living space to the next level with this exceptional reclining corner sectional sofa. This piece shows off a space-saving corner design and ample seating, with its generously padded seats for ultimate comfort. There are two recliners with leg rests that offer the best seats in the house. Other outstanding features are a center console that is equipped with power outlets. It has a wooden surface for drinks, remote controls etc. There is also console storage and cup holders. It has been upholstered in rich leatherette with nail head accents. Furniture of America’s reclining sectionals are fully featured and beautifully finished and as such are worthy of a good look.

high quality leather reclining sofas

The Location and space

Where do you want to place it and how much space do you have? Is your room spacious or smaller sized? A good thing to remember with sectional sofas with recliners is that you will need to take in to account the extra space taken up in the reclined position and with the footrest extended. You will need to place it far enough away from walls and other items to accomodate it.

What kind of upholstery material is it made of?

There are many kinds of upholstery materials used in modern sofas today. Probably the most commonly used materials are leather, wool, cotton, polyester, and acrylic. These materials play an important part in how they add value to the piece such as with the appearance, the comfort level, the durability of the product and how easy it is to maintain.

Overall, leather or the faux leather choices of today have become an extremely popular choice because of how well they fit these requirements. The look and feel of leather furniture is unique and it is no wonder that it is highly sought after. But it can certainly be more expensive to buy, and this has lead to many different names for the types or ‘grades’ of leather arising over recent times. This can be confusing and a little time consuming to learn about. You can learn more about the different types of leather, the names and what they refer to in a leather guide post which will be up shortly.

Suffice to say, real leather is best, but it is expensive so some manufacturers carefully place the best leather on the areas that matter most. For example, they will choose a cheaper alternative to cover the back, but use higher quality covering on the seating and armrest areas. It pays to check what they have put where. Many manufactures state this in their advertising. A lot of the reclining

Homelegance Modern Valda Two-Tone Power Double Reclining Sofa Top Grain Leather Fabric Match, Ivory

You get an ultra modern look with the Valda, right from the adjustable headrests to the curve of the arms.  The Valda Collection of leather sofas will make work seem like a distant memory because they are so comfortable. Just touch a button, you can recline to a fully prone position, and back to the seated position when you are ready. The Ivory tone top grain leather features contrasting darker tone fabric that lends itself to the ultra modern look.

high quality leather reclining sofas

How solid is the construction?

It is understandable that the recliner should be well-made from quality materials to ensure durability and of course safety. A recliner must trustfully support the entire weight of the occupants, especially when reclining and the foot rest is extended. It could be quite a serious situation if a collapse was to occur when people were in this relaxed state. So for this reason you want a framwork that is made from hardwood or steel and can be relied upon totally when supporting the weight. Some manufacturers have been using cheaper alternatives such as hard plastics in this area. Whilst the technologies in developing these materials is advancing rapidly, for now I would stick with the ‘old reliables’ to be sure.

You will also want to know about the warranty that comes with the product. The length of the warranty is sometimes a good indicator for the build quality as the good companies confidently stand behind their products. They know how durable their product is and can offer a longer warranty (in some cases considerably longer).

Be aware that the warranty of different parts of the furniture can vary too. You will see that some manufacturers can offer lifetime warranty on the reclining mechanism and frame, but maybe three years or less for the upholstery for example. Be sure to check out this point.

Matching the colour

With leather sofas in the past, colors were quite limited with black and brown. Now, not only are there many differing shades of both of those, but options are popping up every week in almost any colour you can think of. Black and brown are still very popular, but there may be other colours that would be a perfect match in your home decor. For some people, choosing the colour can be a bit of a problem. Colour is important, it can definitely set the mood of the room. Have a look around at some of the many colour options available and take note of what you think is suitable. Make a shortlist if neccessary. Then you can refer back to it at different stages of your selection process.

Homelegance Talbot Double Reclining Loveseat in Red Leather

Creatively Designed with bold design choices in mind, the contemporary Talbot Collection provides family and friends with a comfortable place to spend their quality time. It is available in either a red or black bonded leather match. These sectional sofas with recliners are racing car inspired with a bucket seat that is finely tuned by contrasting double stitching.

leather reclining sofas homelegance

Different kinds of reclining sofas

The two position recliner is the most basic design. They have two different positions including fully upright and fully reclined. Often, the footrest can be lifted upwards by pulling a lever attached to the side.

Another simple option is the push-back recliner. All you do is push the backrest backward carefully when you are sitting on the chair to the required position. The only part of the chair that moves is the backrest. Some people prefer fewer moving parts. There is no footrest, but you can always use a footstool or ottoman if needed.

The modern recliner sofas feature motorized reclining mechanisms. You plug them into a power supply to operate them. Advantages are, apart from ease of use, the parts can move independantly (footrest and the back) and you can position in many places. Obviously, this could add a bit to the overall cost, but then again isn’t the purpose of a recliner to cater towards comfort?

Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa, Brown Bonded Leather

This reclining Cranley Collection utilizes a release mechanism that with a gentle pull puts you into your ultimate comfort zone. Brown tufted bonded leather match covers the overstuffed arms, seats and backs for maximum comfort. A optional corner wedge to transform this versatile seating collection into a luxurious sectional is available.

leather reclining sofas

Special features on good quality leather reclining sofas

Many extra or ‘special’ features tend to be in the higher end products from manufacturers and this rings true with the leather reclining sofas and leather sofas in general. Many features you can expect to see are on the electric models, such as a remote control, built in power station for powering up your devices, cup holder/warmer, heated pad and even massage features built in. Sometimes they have small storage compartments to keep things. These are just a few, there are many. New and exciting things are happening in the development of the recliners and it is happening at a pretty fast pace. Interesting times are ahead.

Large Classic and Traditional Brown Bonded Leather Reclining Corner Sectional Sofa for Big Families and Groups

A feature of this large brown bonded leather sectional sofa is a classy traditional design. It is wrapped in carefully selected durable bonded leather upholstery. It’s unique design allows for seating large families or groups. The seats on either end are reclining seats for maximum comfort. This large sectional can seat up to six people comfortably. It has overstuffed padded seating and arm rests. Don’t worry about having enough seating for your next party with this! It has been specifically designed to withstand extended periods of use.

good quality leather reclining sofas

McFerran Home Furniture Bonded Leather Sofa Sectional, Brown

This offering from McFerran Home Furnitures’ range of reclining sectionals uses a stylish contemporary design to create an exceptional addition to any living room decor. It features a luxurious, brown bonded leather upholstery with subtle stitching. You’ll notice and appreciate the deep seating and extra generous padding for maximum comfort. A Perfect addition to create a relaxing atmosphere for your living room.

reclining sectionals

Homelegance 5 Piece Microfiber/Bonded Leather Sectional Reclining Sofa with Chaise, Brown

The multifunctional Hankins Collection certainly offers plenty of room for your family and friends to get comfortable. The chocolate coloured microfiber & dark brown bi-cast vinyl are a perfect complement for your transitional decorative style. Generously stuffed cushions boost the comfort level in this well-appointed seating collection. It features an end reclining unit and chaise, as well as a console with cup holders and lift-up storage. Stylish and functional at the same time.

good quality leather reclining sofas - homelegance

In Conclusion

The points mentioned here should have hopefully helped you to be better informed in finding good quality leather reclining sofas suitable for your space. It not always easy finding reclining sofas or sectional sofas with recliners that are a perfect fit for what your needs and desires are. It is however equally important you don’t buy yourself into any new problems. Keep these points in mind during the process of finding a recliner sofa online thats suitable for your home. Good hunting.


If you wish to look further for a quality recliner sofa online, or any kind of quality furniture, be sure to check out our Best Sofa Brands for inspiration.



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    • Hi Mr King,

      I don’t know what your budget is or what kind of leather ‘grade’ you prefer. Have a look on this link. It should help to give you a starting point.


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