Cheap living room sets under $500 2017

Cheap living room sets under $500 2017

cheap living room sets under 500


Cheap living room sets are a great way to decorate a living room. This room is in some ways looked upon as the heart of the house. It is a vital room in the house, playing multiple simultaneously. It reflects the owner’s taste and style and presents this in the atmosphere created to visitors and family members alike who spend time in it. The great news these days is that in the present competitive furniture market, many great deals can be found. It is possible to find great quality cheap living room sets under $500 that will certainly transform your living space in a positive way. Today, cheap furniture doesn’t always mean you have to compromise too much on looks or quality as you can see.


A selection of the best cheap living room sets under $500 currently available


Your living room is a place where your family comes together at the end of their day. After work or school, they can enjoy a TV show, talk, spend time together and be happy relaxing. This makes it a prime reason for why the living room should be a very comfortable and welcoming place to be in.


Believe in the possibilities of boldness with this 2-piece sofa set that includes a loveseat and a 2-seat sofa. Plush cushion, accent tufting and light stitching define this amazing seating space great for the modernly designed home. Available in faux leather black, beige and espresso and grey in linen-like poly fabric.






Choosing the best cheap living room sets under $500 for your home

Here are a few helpful tips to help you when choosing a comfortable, pleasing sofa set for your living room.

These living room sets often have all of the larger items you need to decorate your room around. There is usually a couch which can commonly be a three, four or five seater and a loveseat. The loveseat as the name suggests, can fit two people snugly. Some of these sets can include additional components such as armchairs, coffee tables, an ottoman, or an end table or two. The pieces normally coordinate well and make decorating your living room a breeze. When you include this kind of furniture set into your living room environment, it will of course take up a lot of the focus.

When you are at the stage of buying, consider where you want the television located and then where you will want to locate the furniture in relation to it. Because it’s nice to be able to relax when watching TV for an hour or two, make sure you have chosen comfortable seating. You’ll also want your set to be coordinated so that it is pleasing to the eye as well.

The Couch or Sofa is the largest piece of furniture when buying a living room set, so make it your primary concern. Ideally, it should of course be both durable and comfortable. Checkout what kind of filling has been used inside and what types of coils were used in the construction, as these play a big part in how comfy it is to sit on. Also look into the type of reinforced bracings used. Hardwood is a good choice for durability. One consideration could be buying a reclining sofa for that extra relaxation you can have at the end of a day.

A Loveseat is a great choice, especially when you have several people visiting. It is best if the loveseat coordinates well with the sofa in style, design and construction. One will typically look exactly as the couch does but scaled down. This is ideal in creating a uniform style and feel in your environment. Mostly when you buy these sets, the pieces look the same, so this won’t be an issue. But it does pay to check on the off-chance.

If you get a side chair or chairs, they can end up taking up a great deal of the room. You’ll need to plan for spacing accordingly. Sometimes there’s the option of having a recliner or two, that match and go with your set. With the living room sets under $500 though, they would probably be an additional cost but maybe one you would choose worthwhile for the extra comfort they bring.

There is plenty of comfort and smart looks to be had with the Bobkona Seattle Microfiber Sofa and Loveseat 2-pcs Set in Chocolate Color



In many cases you will find these types of cheap living room furniture sets will come with at least one table that is usually a coffee or cocktail table. In some cases it could be two end tables or side tables and lamps. These tables are done in the same type of design as the main couch to keep some uniformity.

A lot of people favor purchasing their furniture as living room sets because it takes much of the guest work out of matching furniture. For some it is a big headache doing all of that. It can certainly be a lot easier to decorate when you purchase your furniture in sets, not to mention it can also be less expensive.

Sometimes you may find the furniture store will throw in extra pieces as a bonus for purchasing the set, such as a throw or cushion pillows. Pillows and throws are great and can change the look of the living room set effortlessly. Having the option of changing them out occasionally gives the room a fresh look and is so easy to do.

The big key is to match as much as you can with the style of the majority of furniture in your living room space.



Lastly, you should also consider the price of the sets you are planning to buy. These days you certainly don’t have to settle into the belief that only expensive furniture is good while cheaper options solely consist of poor materials and construction. Today there are various choices of cheap living room sets under $500 which not only have a much lower price point, but have comparable quality to those of a greater price.


Cheap living room furniture sets under $500


Your best strategy here will be to let your fingers do the walking for you. Spending a little time online can be really worth it in many ways. While you are looking through the different choices available, it should also help you in the decision making process. You get to notice features or things you may have otherwise overlooked. Read through the comments that others have made before on products you are interested in. This will help give you an overall better idea about it.

So all of this should help you end up with some excellent cheap living room furniture in your home that you are really happy with. Over the course of a week or even a month, we do tend to spend a bit of time relaxing, and for many of us the living room is the place we like to be.







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