Cheap Couches for sale March 2017

Finding cheap couches for sale

Lets face it, many of us are less than enthusiastic when considering changing our furniture and with good reason. Generally this feeling of apprehension arises because we believe that finding good cheap couches that are suitable for our home will be difficult and still end up being a considerable expense.

But, even if you are in the situation where you might not have lots of spare cash to throw about, you can still look for cheap sofas that won’t break the bank or leave you unsatisfied.

The surprising thing is that cheaper sofas can be rather appealing these days, not just for the cost either. They may be cheerful in a way that they bring a lively or fun look into an ‘ordinary’ looking room. They can provide an ‘energy’. If you spend a small amount of time looking at the abundant choices available, you will see what I mean.


Homelegance Dark Brown Bonded Leather Match

Thoroughly adaptable to be perfectly at home in a number of settings, the Hume Collection provides a stylish look and feel to your living room. It features the classic styles of an elevated foot and rolled arms. The seatback cushions are plush and give good support. The Hume Collection from Homelegance provides you with a comfortable and versatile platform that showcases your decorative taste. The collection is offered in dark brown bonded leather match.

cheap couches - Homelegance


Good cheap sofas don’t need to have an ‘affordable look’ about them if you know what to buy. If you approach this process with a little determination and common sense when looking at the options available, you will almost certainly find a variety of top quality sofas that are affordable and will have a positive impact on your living room, but no negative impact on your wallet!

These days the market for cheap couches and sofas is particularly competitive. Sofa makers are well aware of this and are doing a lot more to stay competitive. Evidence of this can be seen even amongst the best sofa brands who have realized that with the current state of the economy, many people are downsizing or budgeting more. The need for affordable furniture to suit smaller living spaces such as a studio apartment or one bedroom apartments has risen dramatically.


Divano Roma Classic Loveseat In Brown Linen Fabric

This brown linen cheap sofa from Divano Roma features a clean cut modern design. It features a soft to the touch linen fabric upholstery. This modern traditional styled sofa is built on a hardwood frame with natural wooden legs that create a unique and contemporary style. Additionally, this linen sofa is equipped with comfortable seat cushions that have been made to maintain their shape and comfort after long periods of use. The 2 pillows shown are included.

comfy couch - Divano roma


If there is one benefit to come out of this, it’s that you will find the sofa manufacturers are coming up with newer long lasting materials and more stylish designs. They are refining their building processes and as a result of these things, it’s a buyers market with a good combination of quality and affordable pricing! There has been no better time to grab yourself a bargain with a cheap couch.


DHP Allegra Pillow-Top Futon, Black

The DHP Allegra Futon sofa has a mesmerisingly comfy look about it and would be great to chill out on after a busy day at work. The Allegra is a current best seller and it is quite easy to see why. It has a well filled futon mattress, made of a high quality foam to ensure longlife and comfort. It has a solidly constructed wooden frame that is wrapped in a lush microfiber and can match any room décor. This discount sofa bed has a multi-positional back that converts quickly between lounger or sleeper. The DHP Allegra futon is both versatile and practical. A perfectly suitable choice for anyone on a budget, as you get a lot for your money here.

futon sofa bed


If you’re looking for the right kind of cheap sofas that are a good match for your home, there are a few good points to remember. It is extremely important you have a really good idea of how you want your living area to look, along with what you want, or need, to use the space for. As an example, if you are just beginning the process of finding your ideal affordable furniture, and you think kids could feature at some point in the near future, you will want to consider what impact they may have on the choice of furniture you choose. Going for a higher quality leather couch may not be such a good idea if it is not up to the task of accommodating  the energy and vigour of young ones in the family.









Modern Mid Century Loveseat With Tufted Bonded Leather

The classy modern mid century design certainly stands out here. Our modern mid century loveseat comes covered in carefully selected bonded leather upholstery. It has a beautiful tufted design to create a sophisticated yet traditional style unlike any other. The modern mid century loveseat will add an extra element of style and comfort to your living room and will surely impress your friends. It features natural wooden legs to truly complete the look.

cheap couch - bonded leather


On the other hand, considering only what cheaper options might have in their favour is probably not your best path to a solution for a happy home. You may be best trying to strike a balance in between. It’s also worth remembering that for anyone who happens to have four-legged friends in the household, it might be better to keep them away from the area of your sofa if the upholstery is susceptible  to damage from their claws.


Showcase link of many current Cheap Couches For Sale from popular sofa companies

This link will give you a quick overview of many designs and styles of cheap sofas in the 100 – 400 price range to help you choose what you like and need.


Kaila Convertible Futon Couch Bed

The Kaila Convertible Futon Couch Bed comes in a Premium Black Microsuede with Adjustable Armrests & Slanted Metal Legs. It features a splitback that can be multi-positioned as well as wings that can be adjusted to suit your preference. Its adjustable back allows quick conversion from couch, lounger or sleeper. The mattress one this piece is long enough for someone 6 feet tall to sleep on comfortably. The black microsuede cover will match a variety of room decors and can be wiped clean easily in case of spills. There is ample space underneath for easy vacuuming or storage of items. It is a great solution for small space living and could be an asset in dorms, condos or apartments.

futon couch bed


So, if you have decided you want the look and feel of leather living room furniture, but you’re concerned about the impact your pets might have on it, it seems a sensible route to explore the internet for cheap sofa alternatives that would fit the bill. And there definitely are a few.

Faux leather could be a good cost effective measure, which could provide you with the opportunity to determine the way in which you cat or dog might respond to a real leather couch. Some of these leather alternatives used by manufacturers these days are surprisingly durable, and for the price and the classy look they bring into the living room, they do present great value.


Ethel Leatherette Convertible Sofa, White

You have a great combo of comfort and style for lounging or hosting overnight guests with the Ethel. This Leatherette convertible sofa is a space-saver that can easily be transformed from a comfy sofa for TV or reading during the day into a sleeper at night when it is time for some shut-eye. The back folds all the way down into a plush and comfortable bed. It has a thick, overfilled comfortable sleeper sofa mattress for a good nights rest. The internal frame is made of solid woods for longterm strength. It has hidden support legs inside the back pocket of the sofa that fold out to provide extra bed support. Blending in style and good looks with comfort and solid construction, what’s not to like with this cheap couch?

leather sofa bed



So, once you’ve come to a decision regarding the type of style and design you’re searching for in cheap sofas, then you may be  almost ready to purchase. But here’s a word of caution that will help you on your way. Before you decide to go into a furniture showroom or online store, make sure you are clear about what your budget allows you to spend. This will help you avoid making a purchase you can’t afford and regret later. Rest assured there are plenty of choices available out there, in all price brackets.





DHP Brent Grey linen Futon Sofa Bed

The DHP Brent futon futon sofa bed is so many things in one, it’s pretty much only missing the kitchen sink! You can enjoy sitting, lounging, stretching out and watching TV, cuddling, or many other means of relaxtion on this simple, modern styled futon sofa. Its linen fabric is very easy to keep clean and its pretty nice on the eyes too. The modern look will lend itself well in many room surroundings.

cheap couches fro sale


If you spend a little time and don’t rush things, you are very likely to find some stunning cheap couches that will add something special to your home. You will be able to take great satisfaction from knowing that without a doubt you are getting fantastic value from your sofa of choice. You bought well and didn’t empty your bank account!


Mid Century Modern Dark Grey Linen Fabric Small Space Sectional Sofa

Divano Roma Furniture Presents this Mid century modern styled, small space configurable reversible chaise lounge. It has a soft linen fabric upholstery with quilted stitching details covering overstuffed back cushions and memory foam seat cushions. High comfort is what you get in this small sofa. It features a hardwood frame for durability and is a configurable sectional, allowing you to position the chaise on either end according to your preferance. It’s size and flexibilty make it an ideal choice for small apartments or studios.

mid century modern cheap couches


When you’re on the lookout for cheap couches for sale, think of it as a process where you will find a piece that will look and feel brilliant and add something  positive into your living space. Regardless of the cost, the couch is an important central piece of furniture in the home. It is where we can come together as a family or group of close friends and share so much together. Keep these things in mind when going through this process and let them guide you. Happy hunting!


You may wish to read more on cheap couches and loveseats, which are ideal for those with a studio apartment, a small space or are on a budget. Check out the post on Loveseats and small living room ideas.

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